• Gearboxes

    Gearboxes for sale for use with plastics machinery.

  • Water Pumps

    Reconditioned water pumps and spares removed from machinery.

  • Vacuum Pumps

    An array of vacuum pumps for sale for use with plastics machines.

  • Motors

    Large plastics machinery motors, such as motors for extrusion lines and more. Please ring for full range.

  • Misc

    Miscellaneous spare parts for sale for usage with plastics machinery.

  • Screws & Barrels

    Spare parts for sale. Various sized screws and barrels for the plastics industry. Call for full range.

  • Blowers

    Spare blowers, such as dust blowers, used for plastics machinery for sale. Call for full list. Available for Battenfeld and other leading manufacturers.

  • Used Screws & Barrels

    Selection of used screws and barrels

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