Spare Parts

All the spare parts you need for the plastics industry. Extrusion spare parts. Call for more details, we have belts, and extrusion spare parts available not on the website due to hgh turn around.


  • Gearboxes

    Gearboxes for sale for use with plastics machinery.

  • Water Pumps

    Reconditioned water pumps and spares removed from machinery.

  • Vacuum Pumps

    An array of vacuum pumps for sale for use with plastics machines.

  • Motors

    Large plastics machinery motors, such as motors for extrusion lines and more. Please ring for full range.

  • Misc

    Miscellaneous spare parts for sale for usage with plastics machinery.

  • Screws & Barrels

    Spare parts for sale. Various sized screws and barrels for the plastics industry. Call for full range.

  • Blowers

    Spare blowers, such as dust blowers, used for plastics machinery for sale. Call for full list. Available for Battenfeld and other leading manufacturers.

  • Used Screws & Barrels

    Selection of used screws and barrels

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